raex-wear-resistant=steelWhat is Wear Resistant Steel?

Wear Resistant Steel or abrasion plate as it is also known, is a high strength steel (hardox), specifically designed for use in areas of high friction and wear.

  • Uses
  • ­ Quarry equipment, farm machinery, loading shovels, digger buckets, construction machinery


  • Advantages of using us
  • ­ We are one of very few engineering companies in Ireland that have the capacity to stock Raex or Strenex Abrasion Resistant Steel
  • ­ We hold different thickness plates in stock and can get more on very short notice. ­ We have the necessary specialised machinery to work with the extreme hardness involved
  • We provide, cutting, bending, all machining and painting.

Raex Wear-Resistant Steel

Raex is a high­strength, wear ­resistant steel providing favourable hardness and impact toughness. Raex’s plate thickness currently ranges between 2mm to 80mm delivering a solution all wear requirements. Raex wear plate extends the lifespan of machinery, reduces wear on components and is more cost efficient.


  • Innovative design
  • Lightweight products
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Reduced components wear
  • Greater productivity
  • Lower material consumption
  • Lower fuel costs


  • Buckets and containers
  • Cutting edges for earth moving machines
  • Wear parts for mining machines
  • Wear parts for concrete mixing plants
  • Wear parts for wood processing machines
  • Platform structures
  • Feeders, funnels
  • Tipper bodies

Large buckets for mining industries

Scraping, ripping or loose earth excavation, machine buckets endure the combinations of extreme surface pressure and abrasive wear. We provide a full refurbishment of all your quarry equipment including line boring of all pins and brushes.

Weight Savings

By switching to a higher strength steel it becomes possible to shave milimetres off the material thickness, even halving it, therefore, transforming lower tipper body weight into larger payload and improved fuel economy.
Raex steel construction site image

Better Appearance

Our steels provide toughness and quality, easy to paint and strong paint adhesion which allows for a long lifetime.

Meets extreme mining specifications

Raex continuously passed rigorous testing methods by FIMA time and time again. FIMA’s logistics manager, Pedro Ipince Rojo stated, ““I am impressed. Ruukki has high­quality raw materials, high­end technology and people committed to their vision.”