The leg system utilizes a straight-leg shank design, with a narrow, 3/4 inch, high tensile steel lower shank profile. This combination results in a very narrow opening profile in the sub-soil cross section. Soil “flows” around the shank in a smooth controlled lifting action (laminar). The laminar flow design minimizes soil heaving and creation of large clods, resulting in minimal topsoil and seedbed disturbance. Maximum cross-row fracturing is achieved with the replaceable 8 inch, chromium carbide shattering wing attachment.

The upper portion of the shank is 1 and a 1/4 inch thick for added strength. Working depths up to 16 inches is achievable.

Coil-mounted heavy duty disc

The unique design of the KME Pan-Breakers discs allows for maximum deflection over obstacles, practically eliminating disc blade damage. ‘Jack Hammer’ vibration fractures soil well below operating depth. The extra heavy-duty hub and spindle, and double bearing and sealing system are designed for trouble-free operation.

Mechanical Spring trip system

Spring reset legs feature a design for smooth operation. The exclusive use of spring steel shank arms is designed to handle contact with obstacles without damaging or bending.

Shank point load is over 1 tone with a generous 20-inch trip height to clear field obstacles.