KME Equipment Facilities
CNC Pipe Benders
CNC Press Brake Machine
Manual Lathe Machine Image

CNC Lathe
Our Traub TND 400 CNC lathe is the ideal manufacturing aid for the manufacturing of bigger and heavier work pieces.
It is a two axis robust machine bar turning centre for small to medium batch production


CNC Plasma
Our CNC Plasma can handle sheets up to 6m x 3m in size and in 2mm up to 100+mm
Parameters associated with cutting a wide range of materials and thicknesses such as cutting speed, gas types and gas pressures can be controlled automatically by the equipment, ensuring a consistently high cut quality






CNC Pipe Benders
This machine is versatile and any size pipe can be used once the correct formers are in place.
It has a set bend radius of 100mm but can achieve bends from 0–180 degrees and produce multiple bends in a row.
It can be worked manually and automatically and has the capacity to store programmers for repetitive projects.



CNC Press Brake
The 250 Tonne Edwards Pearson Press Brake can fold plate up to 12mm thick over a span of 3m
This allows us to achieve a vast range of integrate folds and bends.
Offering a wide selection of block available for use on different materials.
We also have a 150 tonne Edwards Pearson Press Brake which can fold plate up to 8mm thick with span of 2m.



















Manual Lathe
Our manual lathe has a speed range of 25 – 1500RPM.
It has a 80mm spindle and a 250mm chuck. Aswell as that it has an 1100mm centres, so this alllows us
to do a wide variety of jobs on long and thick materials, such as turning, facing off, center drilling and threading various materials, just like the bar shown.



Horizontal Milling Machine

Our Tos Kurim Horizontal Milling Machine has speed range of 56 – 4500 RPM.
The table of horizontal milling machine has a travel of 800mm in the X-axis and 340mm in the Y-axis.
It can do multiple operations such as drilling, tapering, tapping, boring, etc.








Vertical Milling Machine

Our Huron Huré G.A. Vertical Milling Machine has an X,Y,Z axis of 1300mm x 700mm x 350mm.
It has a speed range of 30 – 2066 RPM. The head is able rotate and be set at various angles
allowing us to do complex jobs that require the tool to perform different operations,
on materials of different shapes and sizes, such as chamfering, turning, drilling, tapering, etc.











Machining Centre

Our Hurco VM30i machine is the latest in machine technology, in that all its operations are done by a programmable computer attached to the machine.
It has a top spindle speed of 10,000 RPM. Its X, Y, Z, axis has a travel of 1270mm x 508mm x 508mm and it has a table working surface of 1320mm x 508mm, and a maximum table load of 544kg.
It can do a multiple variation of operations, such as drilling, chamfering, milling, cutting out various shapes in complex jobs on a wide range of materials at different lengths, widths and thicknesses, all in a very quick space of time once you have written out the program and it can be done any other time as the program is saved on the machines computer.




Boring Machine

Our Kearns Richards Boring Machine can do a vast range of jobs on heavy materials, such as reaming, drilling, tapering, boring, etc.
It has a spindle speed range of 4.5 – 1200 RPM, and a feed rate of 1.3 – 3800 mm/min.
The bed of the boring machine is 1.8m x 1.8m x 2m and can hold just over 10 tonnes.
It can perform operations on plates from 5mm thick up to 100mm thick and can drill holes with diameter 1.5mm up to 2.5m.