Machinery Modifications

We re-design problematic or inefficient machinery that might need improving and modify it according to your needs. We evaluate the problem, construct a solution and estimate the price and also the payback. If you are satisfied with our solution we then manufacture the components and install them at your required location.

For more information on steels such as Hardox and Raex, please visit our Specialist Steels Page.

McNamara Bros.

Mcnamara Machinery Modification

The client McNamara Bros required their track machinery to be modified to operate safely and efficiently in bog land conditions. KME undertook to modify the machine by lengthening the undercarriage by 1 meter and widening the tracks by 300mm.

Martin Sheehan Construction

Martin Sheehan Machine Modifications

A Yanmar dumper with rubber tracks was redesigned by KME to take new steel tracks on a wider undercarriage for use on extreme terrain.

Windfarm Civals Modification

WIndfarm Civils Modifications

Windfarm Civils approached KME to raise the height of the excavator from the ground. By doing this KME also fabricated new tracks that lengthened and widen the machine

Allman Contracts

Allman Machine Modifications

Alman Contractors required their excavator to be modified. KME undertook to widen the tracks to take 60” tracks. We also installed 3 additional bottom rollers.