Industrial Fabrication

KME provides a wide range of Industrial Fabrication services including Bulk Fabrication, Bulk Painting, Packaging & Handling and Structural Engineering. We use various processes for manipulating high-end steel and sheet metal. Our steel fabrication procedures monitored and maintained to the highest degree of care and we provide our clients with a seamless transition between one process to the next.

Bulk Fabrication

Bulk Fabrication KME
  • At KME we specialize in large quantities and high volume steel fabrication
  • Our extensive storage facilities and yard space ensures the safekeeping of your products
  • KME has the proven track record in quick turn around time for our clients

Bulk Painting

Bulk Painting KME
  • With our state of the art purpose built painting unit, bulk painting of large quantities is readily achievable.
  • All our spray painting is carried out by fully qualified trained professionals.
  • Regular measurements are conducted to ensure even paint thickness and distribution


KME Packaging and Handling Services
  • No matter the scale or quantity, all our products leave the production facility in perfect condition
  • All items are carefully packed to eliminate any damage during transport
  • Our use of wrapping, banding, pallets, corner protectors, lifting points and cellophane wrapping is standard practice at KME

Structural Engineering

Industrial Fabrication KME
  • KME uses state-of-the-art software for steel and cost estimations
  • Catering for diverse design specifications according to the clients needs
  • We use the latest in cutting tools to laser cut steel precisely to client specifications
  • Our Industrial Fabrication Facility caters for all types of high-end steel fabrication engineering services