Our Facilities

Industrial Fabrication Facilities

Steel for construction, agriculture, commercial, quarrying and demolition

Our entire yard space measures over 50,000 square meters

The main fabrication units is over 24,000 square meters and comes equipped with two over head 5 tonne cranes

The oversized entrance easily allows us to handle large scale projects

Our Industrial Fabrication Facility caters for all types of high-end steel fabrication engineering services including:

  • Commercial Units
  • Schools
  • Houses
  • Bridges
  • Renovations on existing buildings


KME delivers an approximate output capacity of between 80 – 100 tonnes of high-end steel per week

Sand-blasting Facilities

Sandblasting - shot blasting hall

Our Existing Shot Blasting Hall

Our Shot-blasting hall has been operating since mid 2012 and enables us to cater for vast quantities of small parts and larger scale projects. At over 14.5m long, there are very few projects our blast room cannot handle.

It is the perfect compliment for KME facilities and gives us an extra dimension to the services we can offer all clients.

Installed by Campbell Machinery, our shot blasting equipment can provide a surface cleaning level to comply with Swedish Standard SA 2.5.

We have recently installed a gietart fully automatic blaster capable of handling handling parts 1400 mm wide x 650 mm high – lengths are not an issue.
Ideal for structural and pipe and fully complaint to Swedish Standard and ISO / EN 12944.

Sand Blasting Facilities Kerry, Limerick, Cork

Kerry Mechanical Engineerings new Sand Blasting Facility

Painting Facilities

KME Painting Facility Image

Kerry Mechanical Engineering Painting Facility

In KME’s paint facility, a paint primer is applied to steel components that have been shot blasted and cleaned. It is then primed with a phosphate primer applied to all components. A variety of coating types and colors can be applied according to the clients request.

• The new purpose built paint shop is fully insulated and control heated for better drying time and finish quality

• At over 24m long it can handle vast amounts of parts and projects of any size

• We are continuously recording surface, temperature and application readings to ensure the finest finish


KME Transport Facility Image

Kerry Mechanical Engineering Transport Facility

Kerry Mechanical recently acquired its own tractor unit and trailer for off site deliveries.

  • This allows us to schedule better delivery times and dispatch larger loads
  • For smaller loads we can use our 16 foot trailers for deliveries also

Our Equipment

CNC Drill Line

We have recently invested in an Ocean Avenger + Drill Line from Peddinghaus that is capable of processing a 18m beam.









CNC Lathe

KME Equipment Facility Image

Our Traub TND 400 CNC lathe is the ideal manufacturing aid for the manufacturing of bigger and heavier work pieces.
It is a two axis robust machine bar turning centre for small to medium batch production.







CNC Plasma

Our CNC Plasma can handle sheets up to 6m x 3m in size and in 2mm up to 100+mm
Parameters associated with cutting a wide range of materials and thicknesses such as cutting speed, gas types and gas pressures can be controlled automatically by the equipment, ensuring a consistently high cut quality







CNC Pipe Benders

cnc pipe bender

CNC Pipe Benders

This machine is versatile and any size pipe can be used once the correct formers are in place.
It has a set bend radius of 100mm but can achieve bends from 0–180 degrees and produce multiple bends in a row.
It can be worked manually and automatically and has the capacity to store programmers for repetitive projects.










New 320 Ton Press Brake

Our state of the art 320 tonne 4.1m CNC press brake comes fully equipped with automatic side frame deflection
Automatic material thickness measurement 6 axis back gauge and a lot more extras makes light work of any folding that comes its way.







Manual Lathe

Kerry Mechanical Engineering Manual Lathe machine

Kerry Mechanical Engineering Manual Lathe machine

We have lathes with ranges  from 50 mm spindle bore to 110 mm spindle bore.

And from 1m between centres to 2.5m between centres.








KEARNS RICHARDS Horizontal Boring Machine

Horizontal Milling Machine

Kerry Mechanical Engineering Horizontal Milling Machine

Our Kearns Richards Horizontal Milling Machine has speed range of 56 – 4500 RPM.

The table of horizontal milling machine has a travel of 1200 on the X axis & Y axis and 2100 on the Z axis.
It can do multiple operations such as drilling, tapering, tapping, boring, etc and can handle 10,000 Kg on the table.







CNC Milling Machine

Our Huron Huré G.A. Vertical Milling Machine has an X,Y,Z axis of 1300mm x 700mm x 350mm.
It has a speed range of 30 – 2066 RPM. The head is able rotate and be set at various angles
allowing us to do complex jobs that require the tool to perform different operations,
on materials of different shapes and sizes, such as chamfering, turning, drilling, tapering, etc.